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The Art of Conversation

Designed to revive the art of conversation®, TAOC® is a fabulous way to make all get-togethers of Families and friends memorable.

TAOC® can even help revive relationships! And get the whole family talking again!

With 300 fascinating, conversation building questions, plus 4 blank cards on which to write your own TAOC® questions, this game is for everyone.

The only knowledge needed to successfully contribute
to TAOC® is your own life experiences, interests and ideas.

Ages - Adult to children - may be played at various levels.

TAOC® is also a wonderful therapeutic, educational and corporate resource.

Each time TAOC® is used, new and harmonious outcomes evolve.

Perfect for many occasions, the informative 16 page communication booklet provides guidelines and many variations on TAOC®, including a solo version. 

The 104 cards provide 200 conversation topics, carefully created and tested to promote and stimulate communication, plus 4 blank cards for children to personalise. 

TAOC® is fun for everyone and is also a highly effective therapeutic and educational resource for families, therapists, counselors, teachers, speech pathologists, language teachers, coaches, church leaders and more.

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